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The Poldi Lab project was created by the Group and guided by Stefania Rossi, responsible for the promotion of the Museum. Giuliano Gaia, Professor of Digital Communication for Art at IULM University of Milan and Co-founder of Invisible Studio, helped us. In this “laboratory” we experiment with new ways of sharing our culture, of organising Museum visits and of bringing the collection closer to the public.

The lab is structured in different educational modules, workshops and activities. Before launching each initiative we create a prototype and we test it, following the Design Thinking method. This way we learn new skills and the Museum welcomes more and more visitors from all backgrounds, that get to know the collection through new technologies and formats. This method has been applied to our Chatbot game project and during our virtual guided tours.


Our Chatbot game project was created along with InvisibleStudio for the House Museums of Milan Itinerary, and it was sponsored by the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and IULM University. The visitors were invited to go “treasure hunting” between the digital dimension and the physical space of the Museum, increasing their engagement with the artworks and making this a memorable experience.
The game had previously been prototyped, tested and created by the Youth Group and it has been presented in some conferences in London, Berlin and Vancouver, where attendees showed great interest. It has been the subject of a research (King’s College, London), as it is an innovative way of inviting the public to get involved physically and emotionally when visiting the Museum. The project was a finalist of the Innovation and Culture Prize of the Milan Polythecnic Observatory. 

VISITE GUIdate virtuali

The Group has also organised virtual guided tours: two young art historians have explored the Museum collections through Google Arts&Culture while sharing their screen with all the virtual visitors that were connected to the online meeting. When creating this project, we aimed at adapting to the new social panorama (the Covid-19 Pandemic) while increasing the target of the visits: new visitors, from all backgrounds, have attended our virtual tours.

Our experiments have been significant and stimulating experiences. We have developed many projects, our foreign public has increased. We have also organised activities accessible for fragile visitors, thanks to the collaboration with Ente Nazionale Sordi (Italian Association of the Deaf).

We are working on several projects on augmented reality, neurosciences, and STEAM didactic methodology.

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