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Stefania Rossi, Head of Institutional Relations, Promotion and of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum Youth Group

I have always believed in young people and in their potential: with the project “Culture action, idee giovani, cultura attiva” I wanted to create an educational itinerary based on the active participation of young people in the enhancement of Milan's historical and artistic heritage.

Knowing that a new subject, "Constitution and Citizenship", would be introduced in all Italian high schools, our main objective is that of promoting knowledge, culture and debate among young people, starting from the 9th Article of the Italian Constitution and from the principles of the Faro Convention.

Our final aim is to share our knowledge of the Museum collections to convey our thoughts on the importance of our heritage and our city. 

The group has helped me to design an innovative and engaging itinerary for high school students, from a peer-to-peer point of view.

We have shared our ideas step by step together with the Liceo Beccaria e Liceo Boccioni teachers, applying a new methodology based on constant experimentation...a sort of work in progress.


Working with the group and the students has been a unique, stimulating and enriching experience. Together we have overcome many unexpected events and made efforts to find different solutions, being always enthusiast and wanting to repropose the less convincing parts of the projects.

The commitment, determination and creativity that went into developing Culture Action are a real sign that these young, dedicated and passionate people are part of the extraordinary human capital of our country.

One of the reasons that push me to continue working with enthusiasm is knowing that young people are the best part of our society. I like to think that I have contributed to ensuring that they remain so in the future.

I am indeed convinced that they should be the spokespeople for a new, modern and dynamic way of living our artistic heritage, based on the value of knowledge as personal wealth. They will be the 'new beacons' of our culture!

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