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In 2019, the Young Milanese Antique Dealers Group wanted to create an event to announce the new edition of AMART (Milanese Antique Dealers for Art, an exhibition and fair organised by their association, May 8th to May 12th, 2019). So they came up with the idea of organising the Amart Gala.

When the Young Milanese Antique Dealers Group proposed this collaboration, they wanted to engage young people while drawing attention to the appealing world of antique dealing, apart from announcing their AMART exhibition.


On March 21st, 2019, hundreds of young participants gathered in Palazzo Bovara, a neoclassical palace in Corso Venezia, in Milan. Our common goal was to make antique dealing an alive and interesting topic while bringing it closer to young people.  During the gala, held in this important and exquisite location, violinist Elena Martignoni gave a fascinating concert. However, there was also a well-known Milanese DJ! The ballroom was illuminated by fluorescent lights, that were the theme of the party!

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