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now it's our turn!

The Faro Convention marks the beginning of a new phase for culture and puts the spotlight on young people!  We will not just be passive targets of cultural activities, we are called to actively participate in the protection of our heritage.


what is it that we do?

We organise activities around the city about art, literature, photography, design and many other disciplines.  We use innovative methodologies and we try to involve all kinds of visitors. We are eager to collaborate with the Museum and other institutions by proposing our ideas and by contributing to a new way of sharing our culture!


what is "culture action"?

Culture Action is a project organised by young people, for young people. We want to bring our peers closer to the Museum through many activities. Passion for art is the main ingredient of each of our initiatives, and it helps us to share our knowledge about our artistic heritage.


join us!

Challenge yourself, get involved! Join us, live and experience your cultural heritage! Through our initiatives you will learn about our will be as easy as playing a game!


make sure you don't miss anything!

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