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We are using the Design Thinking methodology to explain the creative process that led us to organise our Culture Action project. This effective and innovative method, based on constant experimentation and learning, has been our guide through all the creative phases of our initiative. 

During these past months, we have discussed many ideas, designed our website and several flyers, we have met online and in-person and we have built, one step at a time, the Culture Action structure. We have always worked as a team, and our synergies and mindset have led us to create a new, alive and ever-evolving cultural project.

Click on the icons below and discover more about how Design Thinking has helped us!


Together with some peers from two Milanese High Schools, we have organised a series of cultural initiatives. Our target are 17 to 25 year-olds who love art or who wish to deepen their knowledge with a new, direct, stimulating and innovative way of approaching culture and heritage. Our project is unique, and it has been organised by young people, for young people.

matteo, 24 years old

  • Matteo is doing his first year of a Computer Science MSc. 

  • When he was a child, his parents used to take him to museums all over the world. This has led him to love art.

  • Thanks to his academic education he has learnt the importance of a digital approach to culture. His dream is to find a job in this field. 

  • He has been part of the Group for two years and has organised many events and virtual guided tours.

sara, 18 years old

  • Sara is doing her last year of High School. She would like to study art or literature.

  • Sara loves spending time learning and stimulating her passions.

  • She is always reading or looking, hypnotised, at a painting.

  • She would like to involve her friends in interesting (and, at the same time, fun) cultural initiatives.


Our Culture Action project is a call to action. It started because the Group felt the need of sharing their knowledge about the Museum collections and other cultural fields with young people.

After having defined the target of the project, we have divided the group into four teams, in order to think and propose ideas in a clearer way. Each group had a task and a theme. Click on the icons below and discover more!






Now we will tell you about the creative process itself! We started brainstorming, and thanks to many meetings (in-person and online), our Culture Action project started growing and changing! As we kept working and the project kept becoming more structured we found many partners that wanted to contribute to our initiatives, as they truly believed in young people and in our ideas.


After having gathered many suggestions from all the participants, we have tried to transform them into specific products and activities. This has led us to a 'prototyping phase', which included designing many flyers we wanted to distribute in schools, our website, other activities we proposed in our PoldiLab...and many more!


After having created our first prototypes we have tested them with our friends and families, so we have understood how we could improve them and how we could achieve a fulfilling result. Sofia Kaufmann created the main points and sections of this website, and Rachele Pezzetta enriched its content and texts. However, the whole group supervised and advised Kaufmann and Pezzetta during the creative process. The result is an interesting, enjoyable and accessible website.

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