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becoming one of leonardo's pupils

During the exhibition Leonardo and the Madonna Litta, that took place at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum from November 7th, 2019 to February 2nd, 2020, we contributed to the realisation of the album "Becoming one of Leonardo's pupils. Art exercises that will make your talent flourish while exploring the Milanese museums". We worked along with Abbonamento Musei and InvisibleStudio.

The target of the album is 7 to 11 year-olds. It collects a series of hands-on activities inspired by Leonardo's drawings, paintings and pictorial research. It combines artistic topics, exercises that focus on observing nature, geometrics and physics. It follows Leonardo's  approach to art, STEAM (Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Art/ Maths). The album is an invitation for the children to discover the city museums. It explores different techniques and artistic aspects, such as perspective, portraiture or colouring...The volume is divided into sections and it proposes activities such as copying Leonardo's drawings and signature, solving his rebus and riddles, learning about his dreams and machines...


In each section the reader will be invited to visit one of the museums of the Abbonamento Musei itinerary, so one can stroll around Milan while learning about art, science and history.

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