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In October 2021 we launched our Art has no age project, sponsored by Rotary Club International Milano Est. Our target is adults over 65 years old that we meet once a month in the museum. After taking the visitors on a tour of the collections, guided by Giorgia Balestrino, we usually organise a meeting in the Pollaiolo Terrace, where we try to dialogue with the visitors about their memories of the Poldi Pezzoli and of Milan. We also ask for their suggestions to improve the experience.

The visitors' memories are extremely valuable testimonials. Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli's house, which was already a museum in 1943, was heavily bombed during World War II and was almost destroyed. With this project, we are trying to gather memories about art, about the museum, about the bombings...Our aim is to collect all these testimonials and propose them to the public in a new way, so they will remain for future generations.

Art has no age is a project thought to be inclusive, as we believe the Museum doors should be open for everyone. We want to involve all kinds of public and stimulate the dialogue between us young people and senior visitors.


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